Basement Renovation – Clues On When To Have It Done

Having your basement renovated is not a cheap investment.  This is one of the reasons why there are still plenty of households that have not jumped into the basement development bandwagon as of yet.  When you consider that having your basement renovated into room or area in your home that you’ve always wanted makes it really a tempting proposal.  However, if you also consider the costs of having it developed, may actually make you back down a little bit, especially if there is really no work to be done on the basement.  The truth is, if you are having thoughts as well as second thoughts of having your basement renovated, here are some clues that may change your mind and pursue the renovation project.

Leaks – since the basement area is where many of your utility equipment such as storage water heater and clothes washer are stored.  If there is substantial amount of leaks due to major damages in the plumbing, instead of just having a massive plumbing repair, you might as well pursue having your basement renovated.  In basement renovation, they are likely to move many of your utility equipment to some corners anyway.

Need Space – if you have a growing family, there are times that the overall living space of your home is not enough.  If this is the case, having your basement renovated as part of the living area of your home can greatly help.  You can have the basement renovated into rooms, guest rooms, game rooms, or even as a media room where your home entertainment is located.

Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Adding Value – getting your basement renovated is one sure fire of adding more value to your home.  The main reason for this is because of the increased living space in your home that some homes may not offer.  Having your basement developed into a desirable space may actually even make it a selling point.  Edmonton basement developers have the reputation of increasing a home’s value through basement development.

If you are serious about having your basement developed, you need to hire contractors that are highly experience in basement renovation.  Calgary basement development have been in the business of renovating basements for many years and they have the necessary experience in transforming your basement into whatever you want.

Simple Basement Development Ideas

If your home has a basement that is ever hardly used and that its only current purpose is to store your home’s utility equipment, you’re actually missing out a lot because through basement development, you will be able to add extra living space in your home.  Depending on your needs or wants, you can develop the basement area into something that you want or that your house needs.  This not only increases the square footage of your home, but it also increases its overall value.

If you are considering basement development for you home, you will be able to transform what was once a useless basement area into something more useful – something that may provide the homeowners convenience as well as extra breathing space.  These days, basement development has become a fad as more and more homeowners are having their basement area remodeled and developed by skilled contractors like Edmonton basement developers.

Many of the skilled and highly sought after contractors in basement renovations are from Calgary basement development.  They have many years of experience in doing basement development for clients and they will most certainly be able to entertain your basement development request if you do decide to go with renovating your basement area.  Their many years of experience have allowed them to handle nearly all types of renovation requests.



Before pursuing a basement renovation contract, it is very important that you have an idea on what you want your basement area turned into.  There are many ideas you can find on the internet.  You can turn your basement into a home theater room, a home gym, a game room, a library, a guest room, a children’s playroom, or simply a multi-purpose room.  Depending on your budget, basement development contractors can turn your basement into whatever you envision it to be.

If you are interested in having your basement developed, you can have basement development contractors assess your basement area to see if what you envision your basement area to be is possible.  This will enable the contractors to provide you with proposals, sketches, and computer graphics rendering regarding the renovation project as well as cost evaluation should you agree with the proposed contract.

Calgary Garage Builders – Building A Garage In Calgary…

Calgary Garage Builders

If you need Calgary garage builders there are quite a number of specialist firms in the area such as PlaniT Builders. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which to choose, but here are a few things you need to take into consideration in order to ensure that you get good Calgary garage builders.


First, the City requires that you obtain a building permit for the construction of a garage (or for a two storey garage a development permit) so you need to use a company that will go to the City offices and obtain it for you, together with any electrical or gas permits required.  You need to discuss with the builder a number of factors such as the size of your lot, any slope involved, zoning codes, how it fits in with your lifestyle, how the garage design will match your house and possible re-sale value added, to say nothing of your budget. Some companies may also be able to offer a financing package.

Proper steps must be taken when excavating for foundations to ensure that the area is correctly prepped for construction. The concrete should ideally have zip strips in every pad to minimize and control cracking; because of the extremes of temperature in Alberta cracking needs to be controlled as much as possible.


You need to decide what electrical facilities you need. Most garages employ three outside lights and three to four inside, but you may also need heating and full workshop facilities. Most overhead doors come with a 16′ x 7′ panel but if you are parking two cars it is a good idea to go to 18′ x 7′; the extra two feet makes for much less hassle parking.


You also need to give consideration to the exterior design. Most people want the garage to match their house, but you might want to have something completely different; good Calgary garage builders will be able to advise you what will look best.


When you are building a garage you are looking at a ballpark figure of $20,000 – this could be a lot more if you want a lot of additional features – so it is best to find a builder prepared to sit down with you and take the time to cover all the possible outcomes.


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What’s More Important, Web Design Or SEO?

Calgary SEO Company

This is a very important question.  How many business owners spend a ton of money on their website and then you can’t find them on Google.  And how many have a shitty site and yet rank high on Google.  It’s obvious that there needs to be a balance.  This is what most business owners lack.  They spend money on all kinds of advertising but don’t understand the HUGE potential of SEO.  Or they spend all kinds of money on biz cards, brochures, etc and don’t understand the value of of a great website.

My opinion is that if a company has a marketing budget they should spend at least half of it on making sure they have a great website and that they rank well on Google for their specific keyword terms their customers will be typing in to find them.  In fact, when it comes to my own companies I usually pour about 80% of my marketing budget into online marketing (some of that being pay per click advertising as well).

I can’t tell you how many biz owners have built a nice website and then said, “The internet doesn’t work for getting leads”.  Or they have tried ranking and didn’t make sure their site converts and they still think it doesn’t work.  Trust me, it works!  If you are found on Google for exactly what you offer and you have a high converting site you will get lots of leads.  You just need to find a company (like EMethod) that can help you achieve that.

Actually, one thing I haven’t even touched on is making sure a website has VIDEO!  Having a professional video that showcases your business will help increase conversions even if your website is crappy.  So keep that in mind.

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Auto Insurance In Calgary – Things To Consider

calgary car insurance brokers

If you do an online search for “auto insurance Calgary” you will find over two million results with many of those on the first page being insurance brokers. Using the services of an insurance broker is definitely a better bet than talking to an insurance agent. An insurance agent is an employee of an insurance company and, therefore, will only be able to offer you the products that his company has available.  An insurance broker, on the other hand, is free to search the market in order to find the best possible deal for you.

All insurance companies use data to decide their premiums, but the claims experience of one company may vary widely from that of another. This will mean that one company will offer a much better deal to a driver owning the same model car and with the identical driving history to another driver than a different insurer will.

One of the things which determines your premium is your driving record. You need to take the speed limit seriously and avoid moving convictions. It goes without saying that you need to be accident free as well in order to get the best rates.  You should also consider your needs in relation to your vehicle. If you own an older vehicle you might consider canceling or reducing your comprehensive or collision insurance; a couple of years comprehensive insurance could cost more than your vehicle is worth.

Another way to keep your car insurance premiums as low as possible is to keep your mileage down. Obviously, the more miles you do every year the longer you are on the road and the greater your risk of being involved in an accident, so avoid unnecessary journeys. Even just popping down to the local shop for a bottle of wine in the evening all adds to your mileage and walking that mile is better for you in any case.

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Accident forgiveness coverage could well save you a lot of money on your renewal premium. Costs for this type of coverage vary quite considerably, but having it built in to your policy will ensure that, in the event of an accident, your premium will not soar next year.
Another thing to consider is that loyalty to one insurer can be expensive. Many companies offer a discount if you stay with them, but this can lead to a false sense of security. It is well worthwhile to get your broker to check out “auto insurance Calgary” every year just before renewal time comes up in order to ensure that you are still getting the best deal.

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