Auto Insurance In Calgary – Things To Consider

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If you do an online search for “auto insurance Calgary” you will find over two million results with many of those on the first page being insurance brokers. Using the services of an insurance broker is definitely a better bet than talking to an insurance agent. An insurance agent is an employee of an insurance company and, therefore, will only be able to offer you the products that his company has available.  An insurance broker, on the other hand, is free to search the market in order to find the best possible deal for you.

All insurance companies use data to decide their premiums, but the claims experience of one company may vary widely from that of another. This will mean that one company will offer a much better deal to a driver owning the same model car and with the identical driving history to another driver than a different insurer will.

One of the things which determines your premium is your driving record. You need to take the speed limit seriously and avoid moving convictions. It goes without saying that you need to be accident free as well in order to get the best rates.  You should also consider your needs in relation to your vehicle. If you own an older vehicle you might consider canceling or reducing your comprehensive or collision insurance; a couple of years comprehensive insurance could cost more than your vehicle is worth.

Another way to keep your car insurance premiums as low as possible is to keep your mileage down. Obviously, the more miles you do every year the longer you are on the road and the greater your risk of being involved in an accident, so avoid unnecessary journeys. Even just popping down to the local shop for a bottle of wine in the evening all adds to your mileage and walking that mile is better for you in any case.

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Accident forgiveness coverage could well save you a lot of money on your renewal premium. Costs for this type of coverage vary quite considerably, but having it built in to your policy will ensure that, in the event of an accident, your premium will not soar next year.
Another thing to consider is that loyalty to one insurer can be expensive. Many companies offer a discount if you stay with them, but this can lead to a false sense of security. It is well worthwhile to get your broker to check out “auto insurance Calgary” every year just before renewal time comes up in order to ensure that you are still getting the best deal.

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