What’s More Important, Web Design Or SEO?

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This is a very important question.  How many business owners spend a ton of money on their website and then you can’t find them on Google.  And how many have a shitty site and yet rank high on Google.  It’s obvious that there needs to be a balance.  This is what most business owners lack.  They spend money on all kinds of advertising but don’t understand the HUGE potential of SEO.  Or they spend all kinds of money on biz cards, brochures, etc and don’t understand the value of of a great website.

My opinion is that if a company has a marketing budget they should spend at least half of it on making sure they have a great website and that they rank well on Google for their specific keyword terms their customers will be typing in to find them.  In fact, when it comes to my own companies I usually pour about 80% of my marketing budget into online marketing (some of that being pay per click advertising as well).

I can’t tell you how many biz owners have built a nice website and then said, “The internet doesn’t work for getting leads”.  Or they have tried ranking and didn’t make sure their site converts and they still think it doesn’t work.  Trust me, it works!  If you are found on Google for exactly what you offer and you have a high converting site you will get lots of leads.  You just need to find a company (like EMethod) that can help you achieve that.

Actually, one thing I haven’t even touched on is making sure a website has VIDEO!  Having a professional video that showcases your business will help increase conversions even if your website is crappy.  So keep that in mind.

SEO Video, Matt Cutts Google Spam Master: Calgary SEO Video

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Wiki on SEO:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Search_engine_optimization

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